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Learning Windows 10

Learning Windows 10

Professor Jay uses his gift for storytelling and humor to engage you and to keep your attention as he covers four hours of teaching material. You will not get bored! His charming personality and delightful way of explaining difficult nerdy concepts into everyday language will win you over. Once you start, you will not want to stop until you’re finished.

Your instructional video includes two 2-hour DVDs:

  • The first DVD covers the basics of Windows 10 and sets the foundation for the rest of your education. Professor Jay assumes that the user has zero computer knowledge, and therefore, moves at a slow pace to cover the material. He wants to make sure the basics are thoroughly understood before starting the next section.
  • Building upon the knowledge gained from the first DVD, the second DVD focuses on the Internet and email. By the time you finish watching this DVD, you will learn how to use Google to perform internet searches, write emails to friends and family, and share pictures over the internet. This DVD does not try to teach you all aspects of the internet. That would require over 100 hours of DVDs! Instead, this DVD gives you the solid foundation and tools you need to become self-sufficient as you explore the internet on your own.

We suggest that you take each topic in the order presented. Professor Jay relied on his more than 20 years of teaching experience to present the material in the right order. This is a proven method that has worked with NBA players, military generals, and even 80 year old grandmothers.

We are so confident that you will not find an instructional video easier to understand that we are providing a money back guarantee.