Windows 8 Training DVD Features

windows98-dvd-coverProfessor Jay uses his gift for storytelling and humor to engage you and to keep your attention as he covers four hours of teaching material. You will not get bored! His charming personality and delightful way of explaining difficult nerdy concepts into everyday language will win you over. Once you start, you will not want to stop until you’re finished.

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Windows 8 DVD Sample Lessons

Professor Jay has included a few sample lessons for you to see first hand how easy it is to learn Windows 8. You will see how he guides his students through each step of the lesson; thereby removing any doubts that they can and will learn Windows 8 in the convenience of their home.

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Why Is This Training Format So Effective?

Most of the instructional videos in the marketplace teach their materials through 2-to-5 minute video clips that walk you through how to perform each task. At first glance, this may appear as a good way of teaching beginners. It’s not! It’s not possible to establish a connection or fully engage an audience if each topic is split into 5 minutes. That’s an effective way of teaching advanced users that already know how to use a computer. In other words, people that are already familiar with a previous version of Windows (such as Windows 7) and they just need to brush up their skills.

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Topics Covered on this Training Course

A training video that focuses on real life examples and teaches you real life skills. These tutorials are structured to increase not only your skills but also your earning potential.

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Order Learning Windows 10 for Beginners and Experienced Users

If you’ve never touched a computer before and want to learn how to use Windows 10 the right way, give me three and a half hour of your time and I’ll teach you how to use Windows 10 to read and write word documents, send and receive emails, use the Internet to browse your favorite social media websites and shop at your favorite online store.


“I help people learn the basics of Windows 10 with easy to use concepts and step-by-step instructions through an interactive DVD

…all I care about is helping you go from a Windows 8 Zero to a Windows 10 Hero. Once I am done with you, you will learn how to turn on the computer, wiz through your emails, surf the web and communicate with friends on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks. I’ll teach you how to use Microsoft word to write and print professional documents. You will learn everything you need to know to be a Windows 10 Hero. GUARANTEED!”

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